[COVID-19] Social distancing level alleviated to level 2

writer : office of administration date: 2020.09.15
  1. The government decided to alleviate social distancing level from September 14th in consideration of the economic problems including the sacrifice of petty business owners and the working classes, despite the need to maintain level 2.5 for effective prevention of COVID-19. In addition, it has been decided to strengthen precise quarantine management for high-risk facilities. [Reference: Student Health and Safety Division of the Ministry of Education -7803 (September 14th), Title: Guidance on quarantine measures following adjustment of measures within the social distancing level 2 in the Seoul metropolitan area]

  2. As a result, the school will actively cooperate with the government's policy and extend the quarantine regulations which have been implemented at the level 2.5 in the school in order to protect the safety of all the PUTS community members. Thus, please cooperate with us with one heart.

  3. We ask you to thoroughly observe the following matters for the prevention of COVID-19.
    1. Wear a mask all the time
    2. Distancing: keep at least 1 meter (2m distancing is recommended) from all locations on campus
    3. Wash hands: wash hands under running water for more than 30 seconds after contact with objects
    4. Disinfect door knobs: doorknobs in the office or professor's lab should be disinfected with ethanol by themselves at least once a day (ethanol is prepared in the administrative office), and knobs on nearby entrances, restrooms would be disinfected if possible.
    5. Ventilation: each office and professor's lab should be opened and ventilated in every two hours.

  4. We would like to operate the school entrance and facilities as follows, so we would appreciate your cooperation even if there is a little inconvenience.
    1. Duration: from September 14th ~ until the separate notice
    2. Main entrance into the school will be controlled as it is in operation now.
      i. West gate: closed
      ii. North/ South gate
      1. Full-time employees will be assigned from 08:00 to 16:00 every day (excluding weekends and holidays). All visitors will enter after completing a febrile check and fill in entrance ledger (QR code check-in).
      2. From 16:00 to 22:00, one full-time employee will be dispatched at each entrance. Close all the entrance except for one exit for each building. 3rd floor of Moffett Building, 4th floor of SoYang Building, 1st floor or Women's memorial music hall.
      3. In case of heavy rain and wind: full-time workers at the South/North gate move to the 3rd floor of the Moffett building, 4th floor of SoYang Building, 1st floor of women's memorial music hall, and 1st floor of center for world mission. (in this case, elevator in Moffett building runs only on B2 and 3rd floors).
      iii. Dormitory: Thermal imaging cameras shall be equipped at the entrance of each building, and students shall voluntarily check their body temperature and enter the area.
    3. Sports facilities
      i. Indoor [weight room, table tennis room, and activity room]: CLOSE [closed for everyone's safety, as ventilation is difficult due to the location (basement)]
      ii. Outdoor: Make a reservation on the school portal (website), and receive the key from the south gate, do febrile check, and fill out the visiting ledger before using it.

  5. Instruction to class operation: Classes will be conducted in the same manner, non-f2f, until the separate announcement.

September 15th, 2020

Presbyterian University and Theological Seminary