Announcement on the Class Progress for 2020-2 semester

writer : Seminary date: 2020.08.17
  1. Due to the rapid spread of COVID-19, quarantine alert level has been raised up to level 2. Therefore, all lectures will be converted to “non-face-to-face” lectures during this period in accordance with the quarantine authorities’ policy.
  2. If the situation alleviates, the lectures will be conducted in accordance with the existing policy (non-f2f for lectures with more than 65 students, and f2f paralleled with on-line lecture for lectures with less than 64 students.) *f2f: face-to-face
  3. In principle, practicums should be conducted in non-f2f manner during the quarantine level 2 period, but the professor in charge decides on matters regarding the manner of the class in consideration of social distancing depending on the traits of the classes.
  4. If f2f classes are necessary inevitably, we will consider the form of intensive lectures or other alternatives in the future. *f2f: face-to-face

August 17th, 2020

Dean of seminary